"If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and imagination that characterize children before they are deformed by adult society."Jean Piaget, PhD

Leadership Team

Some kids still believe dreams come true

David L. Haskell
Chief Executive Officer

David Haskell strengthens social entrepreneurs inside hard places as Dreams InDeed’s co-founder and CEO. His resolve to empower those in hard places started as a graduate student stunned by an explosion in Beirut. David has thirty years’ entrepreneurial experience directing six start-ups and four turn-arounds, including as founding director of Habitat for Humanity in the Middle East and East Africa. His best teachers have been the mentally challenged, genocide survivors, garbage sorters, HIV/AIDS widows, street children, and subsistence farmers. David has shared their wisdom at the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, Monitor Institute, Social Enterprise Alliance, Social Venture Partners, and at the American University of Beirut, Adelphi, Berkeley, Duke, Harvard, Notre Dame, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts, and Wheaton. David earned a Harvard MPA in Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution; a UCLA MA in Applied Linguistics; and a Wheaton BA in Communications magna cum laude. A Pforzheimer Nonprofit Fellow at Harvard and Fulbright Scholar at University of Jordan, David received an Outstanding Teaching Award at UCLA.

Richard F. Speck
Vice-President of Operations

After an early experience serving a community of people with leprosy in Nepal, Richard’s passion has been to create the context for the marginalized to experience all they are created to be. As VP of Operations, Richard is responsible for developing and directing Dreams InDeed’s operational capacity and resources. Richard has over twenty years of management experience ranging from for-profit administration of a healthcare group serving 25,000 lives with a $16 million budget to a non-profit urban community development initiative impacting 1200 lives a week with 30 staff, a $2.2 million budget, and 1000 volunteers per year. Richard holds a Master of Public Health from University of Missouri, an MA in Biblical Studies from Dallas, and a BS in Biology from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Janice Hayashi Haskell
Vice-President of Program Development

Janice’s passion to empower the marginalized grew from her heritage scarred by Hiroshima’s devastation and U.S. internment of Japanese-American citizens. For over twenty years, Janice has tapped the power of love and wisdom to elicit transformative potential – from life-coaching Stanford students and innovating curriculum with abused children in the USA to strengthening street children mentoring and support of the mentally challenged in the Middle East. As Dreams InDeed VP of Program Development, Janice develops indigenous social entrepreneurs, weaves strategic networks, and assesses mapped outcomes. Janice earned her MA in International Affairs from Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, an MS in Education summa cum laude from Portland State, and a BA in Psychology cum laude from Lewis and Clark.

A. Becker Polverini
Founding Partner, CEO, PKC Security

Growing up in California’s Orange County, Becker concluded that life must mean more than grades, sports cars, and mansion zip code. His friendships with farmers in Mexico and steel workers in China fueled his desire to protect and empower the meek. While his tech talent translated into proficiency in a head full of programming languages, his heart for people propelled him to Spanish and Chinese fluency. As Technology Lead with Dreams InDeed, Becker crafts IT solutions for social entrepreneurs in hard places and engineers systems to leverage the Dreams InDeed operating model. He brings experience to his role from Microsoft in Seattle and Beijing, and from a Wall Street hedge fund. Becker earned his BSE in Computer Science from Princeton. Becker is currently the CEO of PKC Security, a cybersecurity consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA.

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