"Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Deaf Hear

Dr. Maged’s first patient that morning was distressed. “I cannot hear.”

Before the rural clinic opened, this villager had waited over two hours for that coveted first spot in line. With only five public hospitals for nearly 1.4 million people, any healthcare at all is treasured, let alone treatment by this ear-nose-throat specialist.

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Mission & Vision

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No Matter What, I’d Do It Again

“Where is he?” David muttered, pacing and jittery. “He’s two hours overdue.”

Our visionary friend was traversing conflict zones, but he’d never been this late. Then the phone rang. David lunged for it. His face projected relief, then concern.

“We had a minor car accident. We’re OK at a hospital, but I’ll be a while.”

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Haskell to Present at the Rising Global Peace Forum in Coventry, UK

David Haskell of Dreams InDeed will present “Community Cohesion in Hard Places” at the Rising Global Peace Forum 2016 on November 15-16. David will feature the impact of Joy of Giving, a visionary volunteer youth movement transcending sectarian conflict in Lebanon.


Stanford Webinar Features Dreams InDeed’s Principles

SSIR Live! webinars feature Stanford Social Innovation Review‘s “most provocative and important topics.” Dreams InDeed’s networked approach is one of those.

With over 887 people signed up for this March 22 webinar, interest is trending on how to weave and lead networks to multiply mission impact. This is more than double the usual number of registrants on SSIR webinars. See the Network Leader Roadmap.

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab – Berlin to Feature Dreams InDeed

“Fully booked with standing room only.” That’s the up-date we just received from the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab in Berlin.

Little did we know how poignantly relevant our topic would be when we agreed to be featured.


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